Falling For Spice Village – Guest Blogger: April Caceres


In a recent blog, Fall For Waco, the author, April Caceres wrote a wonderful article about #SpiceWaco and we had to share it with you! Also if you haven’t had a chance to read her blog you should check it out!

Spice Village Shopping Spree

“I have this fabulous Texan Aunt – let’s call her Sandy – who came to visit us shortly after we moved to Waco.  The last time I saw her, she was hanging out with us in New York in January of 2014.  We went to see Wicked on Broadway, ate amazing food and pranced around Times Square in frigid, negative degree weather.

Aunt Sandy is an ardent shopper, and each time she visits Waco, there are a handful of shops on her “must-see” list, including Magnolia and another place called Spice Village.  I decided to head out and see what the famed Spice Village was all about!

The first thing I noticed about Spice Village was the architecture, immediately feeling as though we had been transported back in time.  The shops at Spice Village occupy 30,000 square feet of space within a huge historic building that was formerly the McLendon Hardware Company, built in 1908.

In the entry way, there is a long staircase that leads up to the shop, and everything seems to be surrounded by beautiful, antiquated wooden beams.

When you reach the top of the stairs (or come out of the elevator), be prepared for a staggering feast for the eyes.

In each direction, there are cute, busy displays and fun vintage décor from floor to ceiling.  It was difficult to decided where to start!

My two little guys were eager to explore.  Isaiah has a hard time keeping his hands off of… well everything, and this place was like wonderland for him!

It didn’t take long for my boys to find a toy section, particularly toys with wheels!

Each little boutique we stopped at had it’s own sense of self and theme, but they still cohesively mingled together well enough that it felt organic as we maneuvered from one to the next.

I loved the Texas apparel that we found.  This shirt pictures the Suspension Bridge, one of my favorite places in Waco and part of the very first reason we fell in love with this town!

The boys had fun in the apparel section too.

It is a really fun experience just to walk through the store and spend time at each boutique.  The displays are full and tell their own story, each thoughtfully designed and put together.

I was excited to see the S’well display.  I’ve seen several people carry a Yeti water bottle since we moved to Texas, but I’m a big S’well fan.  I received one as a gift before I left NYC and it is amazing at keeping water cold for the entire day, plus has an awesome design.

I recently tried lemon olive oil at the Farmer’s Market, mixed with strawberry infused balsamic vinegar.  It was amazing; a perfect combination for a light summer salad and I’ve since become obsessed with trying new olive oil flavors.

I’m fascinated by the vast range of different things you can find at Spice Village.  It is the perfect place to look for unique or vintage gift items; there is fun apparel, cute accessories, quaint home décor and even certain luxury products.  I can see why this has become a destination shopping experience, and I have a feeling it will quickly become my go-to shop to grab a gift or maybe just to spend some time shopping with Aunt Sandy on the hunt for a new treasure!”

IMG_3698.JPGThanks for allowing us to post your blog April! See ya soon!