Job Openings

Spice Village is Hiring!

Are you looking for a permanent position with a company? Well, look no further!

What we are looking for:

  • Minimum of 20 hours a week
  • Permanent position (we will not be hiring "holiday help" only)
  • Must be available during the holidays
  • Must be able to work weekends
  • Customer service focus
  • Must be flexible
  • People skills and a good attitude

If you are interested and possess these qualities you can apply @ 213 Mary Ave. Waco, TX 76701.

You can download the job application by clicking the button below, or fill out the online form below.

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Hours Available to Work:

For employment consideration, you must be available to work at least one Sunday per month beginning at 11:30. Our hours of operation are Monday- Saturday, 10 to 6 and Sunday 12 to 5. Shifts run approximately 30 minutes before and after we open and close.



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