Meet Jennifer

Spice Village | Jennifer Wilson | Waco, TXJennifer Wilson, entrepreneur, a single mother, pioneer, and visionary saw potential in downtown Waco more than 19 years ago. Spice Village founded in 1997 which created for entrepreneurs & shoppers with a passion for unique home decor and gifts. Today, 90 individually owned stores do business at Spice Village, a 30,000 square feet space in the Shops of River Square Center.

Jennifer has set up a business model unlike any other. The beautiful thing for the merchants who sublease space from Wilson does not have to be present every day to “run” their business. Jennifer and her employees tend the displays in their absence.

If you have ever visited the space a few times a year, you will quickly see it’s a changing canvas. Jennifer loves to design her displays to leave an impression on the shoppers that visit. You will see quite frequently people taking pictures of her variety of themed displays or saying how creative some display was.

As passionate as she is about being the best and consistently rebuilding herself and her business she is even more passionate about being a mom. Calan is her primary focus and the light of her life. There are times you might see him hanging out at the store, helping his mom and even being creative. Just recently he came up with the a toy store idea and presented it to his class! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

The balancing act that a single mompreneur has is double duty and is not for the weak. If you have ever met Jennifer and spent time with her, she has a passion for her son, her family and her business.

“We have had 19 successful years and counting,” she said. “Spice has grown like I wanted it to grow, but I never thought it would become the destination place it became.” The last few years, as Baylor has moved to downtown, we have seen even more shoppers!

The next time you find yourself wanting something unique for your home, trendy to wear or the perfect gift – check out Spice Village in downtown Waco, TX. There are other shops in the area but nothing quite like this space.


Video courtesy of Baylor Lariat